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The subject of ‘Perfect Pitch’ can often be a troublesome one and a thing of many an argument!

Fact is that there has been much research done on the subject and the outcome is simple - Not one person has perfect pitch! They can recognise the note but not how far ‘out’ it is

Many are pretty close but research has shown that nobody can tune the note ‘A’ to exactly 440 Hz (cycles per second) without a tuning fork or similar. Some are slightly flat and some slightly sharp.

It’s been proved time and time again that people who started playing music from an early age, say between 4 and 6 will learn the pitch that their instrument was on. If that instrument is flat then so will be their ‘perfect pitch’ (or for that matter, sharp).

There a a few piano tuners out there with this ‘perfect pitch’ and the ones that I have come across are slightly flat, roughly A=436. You can get away with that in a domestic situation where the piano is not being used to accompany other instruments but certainly not for concert work, these must be correct.


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This little device is the only true way of ensuring that the note ‘A’ is tuned to the correct pitch.

Tuning forks are available for every note but the most common ones that piano tuners use are for ‘A’ as shown or ‘C’ which is 523.25 Hz

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