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This is a model of  a single key made by Renner of West Germany. The Renner actions are arguably the best actions available. You can see that the damper action is separate from the main piano action

This is an older Blüthner Patent action (often called the L action). Given this name by the shape of the large spring attached to the jack.

You can see the ‘L’ shape.

Usual problems with these actions is in regulation. The blow distance must be set up before anything else is adjusted. The blow distance is slightly less on these actions than the modern roller action (as in the picture above).

With correct regulation these actions work surprisingly well!

On the left is a drawing of a modern upright piano action. Pretty much unchanged in the last 60 or so years. A lot of makers are gradually introducing a plastic or carbon fibre for some of the smaller parts. Some new Kawai actions have most of the major parts made from carbon fibre.