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This page outlines the guarantees that comes with my work

All technical work comes with a no-quibble one year guarantee - if I repair something like a sticky key or squeak and the same note or parts start doing the same thing within a year, I’ll happily fix it free of charge* as long as the piano is kept in a suitable environment (see below)

All parts that I use during repairs, overhauls or restorations are of the highest quality available and are guaranteed for five years. Parts include strings, tuning pins, damper felt, springs, felts, hammer shanks, hammer heads, key covers, bushings, centre-pins etc. The guarantee is only valid* as long as you own the piano, have it tuned at least once a year and again only if the piano is kept in a suitable environment. (See below) It is your responsibility to contact me for tuning.

Tuning - Unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee the longevity of tuning, there are many factors that affect tuning including the age of the piano, how often it’s played and how heavily it’s played. Pianos are made from metal and wood that expands and contracts to different rates giving rise to tuning fluctuations. Old pianos do not stay in tune as well as newer pianos

All pianos should be tuned at least once a year. Twice a year if the piano is played regularly (say, 20 - 30 min a day). Pianos played a lot, like piano teachers, professional players etc should be tuned three or more times a year.

Some pianos will never get to British Standard Pitch (A=440) - I will advise you of this at the time of tuning.

A suitable environment for your piano is in your home, against an inside wall (uprights). Away from sources of heat like radiators and hot pipes (be aware that there could be a radiator on the other side of the wall, this will unduly heat the piano). Out of full sunlight and kept at an even temperature all year round. Humidity must be between 40% and 60% equilibrium moisture content (EMC) with no sudden variation. Jars of water must not be placed in the bottom of upright pianos. Room humidifiers should be kept at least eight feet away from the piano and used with extreme caution and in conjunction with an accurate hygrometer.

Unsuitable environments are garages, utility rooms, outhouses, conservatories, bay windows, next to any window, kitchen areas including kitchen/dining rooms where steam and heat are intermittent. Under air-conditioning units and other forms of draughts. Areas that are prone to rapid temperature change, like the hall by the front door or similarly, the back door. Under-floor heating should be avoided (upright pianos) unless the piano was manufactured after 1970.

Cheap electronic humidity meters (hygrometers) are usually wrong so don’t trust them!

A natural hair hygrometer is far more accurate as long as you calibrate it regularly.

If you want to purchase an accurate electronic meter then here is a link to the one that I use (the newer model) Click here.

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*  In addition to the piano being kept in a suitable environment, you must not attempt to tune, repair or adjust the piano yourself. Any work within the guarantee period must be carried out by myself or a qualified and recognised by me piano technician. This must be authorised by me in advance.

Bear in mind that any guarantee covers ONLY the parts replaced. For example, if the piano is re-strung and at a later date the soundboard develops a crack - this is not covered by any guarantee. Similarly, if an action has felt replaced but not springs, the springs are not part of the guarantee.

Any guarantee is not transferable.

Please note that I cannot guarantee any work carried out on digital pianos, keyboards or any electric/electronic or pneumatic part(s) on acoustic, hybrid, trans-acoustic, self playing or silent pianos.

It seems to be a sad fact that other tuners and technicians are very derogatory about other tuner/technicians work - they could always do a better job! It seems to be the same with electricians and other trades people.