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Terms and conditions often called “The small print”

When we communicate by telephone, text, email or other means and agree an appointment, this constitutes a contract either verbally or written.

I will always endeavour to arrive at the stated time or inform you by telephone of a deviation of more than 30 minutes (as long as you have given me a telephone number)

If you are out, or there is no reply from your door I reserve the right to charge you a call out fee.

I will endeavour to tune your piano to the best of my ability.

I will always tune the piano to British Standard Pitch (A=440) where possible unless advised by you otherwise.

When it is not possible to tune to British Standard Pitch, I will raise the existing pitch slightly if possible and tune the piano relatively to that pitch. Very old pianos were never made to be at our modern higher pitch

Due to pianos being made from natural materials that expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature and humidity it is not possible to guarantee the longevity of tuning.  More here

I cannot accept responsibility for string breakage during the tuning process. If the instrument has been kept in an environment that promotes rust on the strings, I will inform you of this if it is noticed before starting the tuning process.

Older pianos are more susceptible to fluctuations in tuning than newer pianos

I will not attempt to tune any piano with oblong tuning pins. If your piano has oblong pins I may charge you a call out fee only and advise you on disposal and on getting a newer piano.

Bear in mind that old straight strung overdamper action pianos will never sound like a concert piano no matter how often they are tuned and often some notes will not hold their tune.

Most minor repairs will be carried out during the tuning appointment and often no further charge will be made.

You should advise me at the time of booking if there are serious parking issues near to your house.

If you live in a rural location you should give me proper directions at the time of booking or by email as soon as possible. Ideally a Google maps grid reference to be accurate. Click where you are on the map and a full grid reference will appear in a box with a postcode.

I will take every care possible with the case parts that need to be removed from the piano in order to carry out the tuning process, however I accept no responsibility for them or other items in the house.

You must supply a suitable stool or chair for me to sit on whilst I carry out the tuning

The piano should be cleared of any item from the top.

Dogs should be kept in another room

I will not pass on your contact details to anyone else apart from another piano tuner/technician*

If you change your mind after booking you must give at least 24 hours notice. If I arrive at our agreed appointment time and you don’t allow access for any reason I will have to charge you the full tuning fee.

When I undertake major work including restorations I ask for a 50% deposit at the start of the work. The invoice must be settled on completion.

If for some reason no deposit is made, the invoice MUST be settled in full before the piano or any other part is returned. All parts, materials, accessories etc supplied remain my property until the invoice is settled

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)

I now keep records electronically on the computer. The information I keep about you is as follows:

Your name, address and contact details (phone numbers and email address). The make and model of your piano, it’s age and condition. Dates and time of each time I call and what work was carried out on the piano.  The date that you are due for another visit and other information including special directions, if there are parking or access problems.

If you do not wish me to keep your details on the computer you should tell me at the time of booking but please bear in mind that without them I will be unable to contact you in the future.  

*As mentioned before, I will not pass your information on to any other person or organisation (with the exception of Police or other government body)  unless they are another piano tuner/technician.

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