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Even more questions!

Q.  There are a few notes that go out of tune quickly, and really go out of tune.      What can be done?

A.  It’s likely that you have a few loose pins, often this can be fixed by inserting a      pin bushing to make the tuning pin tighter in the hole. You can only do this for      a few though. Some pianos can be re-pinned, that is changing all the tuning      pins for the next size up. This takes a few days to complete and about three      further tunings soon after.

Q.  Can you still get these things that go on to the music desk to keep the pages       open?

A.  Yes, I can supply and fit a pair of brass page stays.

Q.  Do you have perfect pitch?

A.  Certainly not! There is no such thing as ‘perfect’ pitch. Those with this are      usually pretty close though. Perfect pitch is learned from an early age but only      if the instrument they learned on was in tune. There are lots of people who’s      pitch is flat. No one yet has been able to tune the note A to exactly 440Hz      without a tuning fork or similar. In my experience people with so called perfect      pitch do not make good piano tuners. More on this ‘Perfect Pitch